About Us

Welcome to our blog!

Hi, and welcome. We’re glad you’re here. If you’re into checking out the latest and greatest things this world has to offer, you’re in the right spot!

Well-designed products and services can bring a lot of joy to our lives. They make us more efficient; they make us healthier; they make us happier. We’ve been fortunate to stumble upon a number of these products and services and want to share our favorites with you. We also want to hear from you and learn about the products our reader’s love, so we can expand our world a little bit, too. That’s the purpose of this blog.

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Who we are

We’re a husband and wife team–Jared and Randi–who have 9-5 (err…more like 8-7) jobs and now apparently write about products and services we love in our free time. We’re DINKs (dual-income, no kids) who live in sunny California. But, the products and services we’ll post about can be enjoyed by DINKs, singles, and married with children alike, anywhere in the United States (and probably the world). With such limited time outside of work, we seek out things that make us happy and our lives easier.

Our promise

We will provide honest reviews of products and services that will bring a little luxury to your life or make it run a little smoother. Despite the name “finest things,” not everything will cost a lot; some may even be free. We also love good life hacks! Anything goes if it adds significant happiness or efficiency to our lives.

Full disclosure: We promise to always provide our honest assessment. You’ll notice that our posts will mostly be positive, but that’s because the purpose of this blog is to talk about products and services we love rather than those we don’t. We’re not here to highlight negative products and services, but if a particular one we review has a negative aspect, we’ll be sure to disclose it. Where possible, we’ll share coupon codes and referrals to help save you money, and in some cases they may give us a little perk for sharing, too.

We’ll post periodically as something enters our lives that we can’t imagine living without. We can’t commit to daily or weekly posts because we only want to review things we love and think everyone else will, too. (There’s also the whole day job thing.) That said, we’ll do our best to keep the content relevant and up-to-date. We’ll also happily engage with you, so…

Let’s talk!

If we’ve managed to find all of these products and services to enhance our lives, we can only imagine how many might be out there! While we have plenty of products and services to share, we also want to learn about things that make your life better. If something you love comes to mind or if there’s a product or service you’d like us to check out, please e-mail us! We want to hear from you. (We’ll eventually add a comments sections once we can find some extra time…anyone know of a good time-making machine?!?)

Again, welcome and cheers to finding products and services that let us get the most out of life.