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Blue Apron: Our Chef in a Box

We weren’t cooks. At all.

Our normal weekday meals were hot dogs (oddly served with a can of sweet peas…), tacos, cereal, or pizza. When we had friends over and wanted to cook to impress, we whipped up the same appetizer and main meal. Every time. Guacamole to start, which consisted of avocados, tomatoes, red onion, basil, and feta cheese. Southwestern chicken enchiladas for the main meal, which consisted of cooked chicken, red bell pepper, green onions, and canned black beans, all rolled up in tortillas and topped with cheese. This was our fancy meal because we had to chop up a few ingredients. (For the record, we will still knock out an entire bowl of this guacamole, but we digress…)

Enter Blue Apron.

For those who don’t know about Blue Apron, it’s a subscription meal service that sends a box of ingredients to cook several different recipes each week. For 2 people, Blue Apron will send you ingredients for 2 or 3 meals that week (your choice). The box contains the exact amount of ingredients you’ll need to cook all of the meals, so there’s no waste (well, maybe a few garlic cloves).

All Blue Apron assumes you’ll have is olive oil, salt, and pepper. The box also includes a recipe card for each meal, clearly laying out each step with pictures–so easy that even we could follow it! They deliver the ingredients in a sealed box on your door step with ice packs to keep the ingredients at the appropriate temperature until you can get home to unpack them.

The cost is pretty reasonable. In our area, it’s $9.99 per serving. So 3 meals for 2 people costs $59.94 per week and includes free shipping. For 2 meals for 2 people, it’s $39.96, with an added shipping cost of $7.99 for a total of $47.95. Cost may be different depending on where you live, but you can check Blue Apron’s pricing page to get exact numbers. Blue Apron also sends boxes for families of 4, but we are less familiar with the number of recipes and pricing. The concept is the same at the end of the day.

Blue Apron also sends boxes with wine that pairs with your meals (for an additional cost, of course). We haven’t tried it because we don’t need yet another reason to have a drink during the week…

Post Perks!

Blue Apron gave us a GREAT deal to share with our readers: enjoy $60 off over your first three Blue Apron boxes and we’ll get a small credit, too!

That’s a great deal! ENJOY! 🙂

What we love.

We don’t have to think.

The hardest part about cooking is planning. We also hate to grocery shop. Blue Apron solves both. No forgetting ingredients; everything shows up on your door step ready to be cooked.

We’re eating healthier than ever.

There’s no question that quality foods help us live longer and better lives. Blue Apron has drastically increased the quality of our daily diet by incorporating fresh vegetables (some we had never heard of!) into our meals. Also, since we make the meals ourselves, we don’t have to worry about hidden calories of eating out at a restaurant. We know exactly what we’re putting into our bodies.

Before meeting Blue Apron, we also believed that meat was central to every meal. But, given the increasing evidence that processed meats and red meats likely cause cancer, we’ve been wanting to cut back.With Blue Apron, it hasn’t been a struggle AT ALL. Truth be told, we prefer the vegetarian meals! If Blue Apron can turn us into vegetarians, maybe they can help lower the demand for meat production, sparing the lives of some beautiful creatures while ensuring their flatulence doesn’t make earth uninhabitable. (Bet you didn’t think this post would have something about cow farts.)

The box contains the exact amount of ingredients you need.

Already said this above, but it’s worth highlighting again. The box contains the exact amount of ingredients you’ll need to prepare the meals (sans olive oil, salt, and pepper). We can’t tell you how many spices we have in our pantry that we used for one recipe and never again. Ground coriander seeds, anyone? Or the number of times we had to buy a clam shell of basil for two basil leaves. It’s great knowing that we aren’t wasting any food and helping limit our impact on the environment.

This has the added benefit of making the price all that more reasonable. Some may balk at paying $9.99 per meal, per person. But, when we consider having to buy all of the ingredients for a recipe, half of which often go unused, we think the price point is comparable to what we would have spent (and we get incredibly fresh ingredients). We also find that many of the meals are too large for two, so we often end up with an extra lunch or two each week!

There are tons of unique recipes

We’ve been cooking with Blue Apron for 3 years now, and we can’t remember coming across the same recipe. Doing the math, that’s about 500 recipes. Sure, there are similarities between recipes because Blue Apron uses ingredients that are in season. So, in the fall, expect to see squash in a lot of your meals. But, there’s always a little something different, so you don’t have to worry about getting tired of any given recipe.

One thing that Blue Apron has improved on over time is the ability to select from a variety of meals. When we started using Blue Apron, we set our dietary preferences (e.g., no red meat, vegetarian, no fish, etc.), and then Blue Apron automatically selected 3 meals for us. It was always a surprise what we would get, which we honestly didn’t mind. Now, however, we can access the Blue Apron app and choose from 8 meals each week. Blue Apron has also added helpful tags for the meals, such as Mediterranean diet and 30-minute meals.

Has a user-friendly app.

Since we brought it up, it’s worth mentioning that the Blue Apron app is a great resource for non-chefs like us. Before Blue Apron, we didn’t know how to remove leaves from kale stems or how to core cauliflower. The Blue Apron app contains videos to walk you through different techniques that will make preparing the meals all that easier.

Blue Apron’s vision is bigger than just sending a box of ingredients for recipes. Blue Apron partners with farmers to promote sustainable farming by using ingredients that are in season and encouraging regenerative land practices.Farmers work directly with Blue Apron to supply the ingredients and produce the amount needed to fulfill demand, reducing the amount that ultimately goes unused from the farms.

Give it a try (possibly for free)

We hope you’ll try Blue Apron. We know there are a ton of other meal subscription services on the market now, and honestly we haven’t tried any of them, so we can’t say what’s better or worse about Blue Apron. All we know is that we’ve been happy with Blue Apron for 3 years and haven’t had a reason to try a different service.

Some may say they don’t want to spend so much time cooking after a long day at work. It’s a time commitment for sure, but we find it extremely therapeutic to come home and cook with each other. The biggest downside is that it actually makes eating at restaurants less fun because we have such delicious meals at home.

Blue Apron will occasionally send us free weeks to give to friends. Shoot us your name and e-mail, add a comment below, or join our mailing list, and if we have one handy, we’ll send it your way. If you don’t want to wait (and we recommend you don’t!) you can get a 50% off discount by using our Blue Apron referral link for $30 off your first box!

We hope you give it a try and love it as much as we do!

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  1. Hello Randi! Thank you for the post. I’ve tried Hellofresh before and am really curious about Blue Apron. If you have a free box code would you mind sharing one with me? That’d be awesome. Thanks!!

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  2. Good Morning! Thank you for the information. I am interested in trying out blue apron, I love the idea of seasonal recipes! Any codes you may have would be awesome – looking to get started soon! Thanks a bunch.

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