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A few posts ago, we talked about the best dog products ever. Now we want to introduce you to a product our 15-year-old cat loves. Well, we probably love it more than her, but she seems to like it, too! It’s the Litter Kwitter, a toilet training system for your cat. That’s right, our cat uses the toilet and has been for over 10 years. For the longest time, we lived in small apartments and hated having a stinky litter box. We either had to keep the litter box in our bedroom, which stunk and got litter all over the carpet; or, we had to keep it in our only bathroom, which still stunk, still got litter all over the floor, and had the added bonus of our guests seeing it. We saw the Litter Kwitter and were skeptical at first, but it’s seriously been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Here’s why:

We bought the litter kwitter once and used it for ten years!

Simple, step-by-step instructions to train your cat to use the toilet

The product has easy instructions that anyone can follow (including your cat!). You start by putting a white, let’s call it, ‘shell’ on your toilet (which fits most standard toilets). It comes with three inserts that fit in the shell: A red one that completely covers the hole; an orange one that has a small hole; and a green one that has an even larger hole. You fill each insert with litter. The idea is that, over time, the cat gets used to jumping up on the toilet to go to the bathroom, and the hole gradually gets bigger as the cat becomes more confident. Hence, the red one has no hole and is solely intended to get your cat to jump up on the toilet to use the bathroom. The orange and green ones have holes, so the cat can become confident with placing its feet in the correct spot. It takes about eight weeks from start to finish until your cat is ready to use the toilet without any of the training devices attached. After that, you’ll never have to use a litter scoop again! All you have to do is flush the toilet.

Completely reusable

The Litter Kwitter is reusable. We’ve noticed that there are other similar products on the market, one that has perforated insert which you slowly remove portions from over time to create the hole. It’s cheaper, and probably effective as well, but we’ve definitely had to use the shell and inserts multiple times, which wouldn’t be possible with these other products. Each time we move, we use the shell and at least the green insert to help our cat identify which toilet she should use in the new apartment. And, truth be told, the occasional slip happens, and our cat lands a paw in the water and becomes a little scared. Being able to put the shell and insert back on for a day is super helpful in making sure she doesn’t regress in her training.

Much more sanitary than a litter box

Back when we still had a litter box, we were lying in bed when we heard our cat get up, go to the bathroom, and then cover it up with litter. The cat then jumped on the bed and lied down on us. At that moment, we realized that every time she was using the litter box and then covering it up with litter, tons of germs were inevitably getting on her paws and then being tracked all over the house (and on our pillowcases!). After training our cat to use the toilet with Litter Kwitter, she now jumps up on a clean toilet seat, and we don’t have to worry about unwanted germs being tracked everywhere.

Ready to say goodbye to the litter box? Here’s everything you’ll need:

You need only three things to go from a litter box to a toilet-trained cat:

Litter Kwitter: See above; enough said. 🙂

Flushable Litter: Avoid needing to call a plumber to clear out your pipes; use flushable litter. We used and loved the World’s Best Cat Litter. Definitely recommend using this litter while toilet training your cat.

If your cat struggles to jump on the toilet, use a little Cat Attract litter (but not too much as it’s not flushable!)

Litter that attracts your cat: It was helpful to have some litter attraction handy in case our cat ever became booked with jumping up on the toilet. We found that Cat Attract is pretty irresistible. Note: Going completely above the advice above, it’s technically not flushable! So use it sparingly. We often mixed in just a VERY small amount with the flushable litter to get our cat to jump back up.

Tips for making a successful transition from litter box to toilet

Use the right litter. Regular cat litter and toilets don’t mix. So, to avoid a phone call to a plumber, use flushable litter. See above for our recommendation.

Don’t rush the process. After your cat jumps up successfully a couple of times, it can be very tempting to think it has mastered that particular phase and can move on to the next one. Don’t fall for it. Definitely spend 2-3 weeks per insert to make sure your cat is totally confident.

Slips happen. Your cat will inevitably slip and at least one or all paws will end up in the toilet. It’s okay, but it will be startling for your cat. When that happened to our cat, we would usually move back to an earlier insert for a couple of days to get our cat’s confidence back up before continuing on. We also found that sprinkling a small amount of the attraction litter (see Cat Attract above) is pretty irresistible to the cat.

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