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We’ve only just met, but let’s talk about underwear. We introduced ourselves to MeUndies about a year ago and haven’t bought a different brand of underwear since. At the most basic level, MeUndies sells underwear. Super. Comfortable. Underwear. They also have memberships where you can receive one pair of underwear every month at a discounted price. They also sell loungewear and socks, though we’ve only purchased MeUndies underwear. The cost is slightly less than what you would pay for higher-end brands of underwear, but it’s an affordable splurge item. A men’s pair (trunk, brief, boxer brief, or boxer) costs $20 (if you buy a membership, you save 33%). A women’s pair, depending on the type, costs between $16-$20 (a membership saves you 22%).

Post Perks!

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Comfort is by far our favorite part. But there’s still so much more for us to love:

Endless, fun patterns

MeUndies sells three different styles of underwear: classic, bold, and adventurous. Classic has five or so basic colors to choose from, like black, grey, and blue. Bold has quite a few more colors that are more vibrant than the classic, including pink champagne and just peachy. Adventurous has a ton of unique patterns that are constantly changing. They’ve had space-, polar bear-, and avocado- (yes, avocado) themed underwear. New patterns are constantly coming out and often coincide with different holidays throughout the year. We typically go for adventurous since we can get plain underwear anywhere. Now we sport hearts, unicorns, and (our latest favorite) sloths doing yoga. You read that right.

Matching sets for you and your partner

MeUndies allows you to purchase matching sets for you and your partner. You can probably do this with any other brand by just picking the same type and color of underwear, but it’s particularly fun with MeUndies given the variety of unique colors and patterns. For example, we’re really into science, so buying matching pairs of space-themed underwear was a blast. For Valentine’s Day, MeUndies ran a special where you could purchase matching pairs, and they sent them in a nice box with Sugarfina champagne and rose gummy bears.

So soft. So Comfy.

We’re not sure what material MeUndies uses, but it’s extremely soft and comfortable. The waistband also seems to sit at the perfect height on our waists. This may be too much information, but the material also seems less prone to riding up our thighs or butt. Let’s just say it’s a sad day when we open our drawer, and we only have other brands.

Ready to be adventurous and try a pair?

If you’d like to try MeUndies, you can MeUndies! We hope you love wearing them as much as we do!

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