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Peloton: Convenience of home, excitement of the studio

We love the idea of working out, but not all of the steps that need to happen before being able to. Get in the car. Drive to the gym. Check in. Work out. Get back in the car (sweaty…). Drive home. Each step becomes an excuse for why we shouldn’t work out that day.

A couple of years ago, the Peloton indoor bike popped up in our Facebook feed on New Year’s Day (a vulnerable time for anyone and their exercise ambitions). At first we joked about getting it because the price tag is, well, a little steep at $1,995 for the bike, along with a $39/month subscription for access to the classes. But, we did some rough math and realized that for both of us to go to a boutique cycling studio 3 times a week at $30/class/person would add up to almost $10,000 per year. The price was suddenly a bargain, and it would almost be silly not to buy one…right?!?

For those not familiar with it, Peloton is a company in New York that offers boutique, indoor-cycling classes. They held a successful kickstarter for an indoor bike that could bring that same boutique experience to riders at home – across the world. The Peloton bike has a large touchscreen mounted on the front, which streams live classes straight from New York City into your garage, basement, or living room – anywhere you have a power outlet, access to wifi, and room for a bike. If the schedule of live-streamed classes isn’t convenient, you can access thousands of on-demand classes at the push of a button (as of this post’s date, they had over 8,500 classes on demand).

Over 500 classes later, we’re still in love with the bike. Here’s why.

Post Perks!

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An intense workout is only steps away

It’s hard to find an excuse for not walking 20 feet to work out (don’t get me wrong, we still try to find them…it’s just way harder). Once we clip in, we’re 3 touches away from starting a workout. And the workouts are intense. We were nervous that virtual instructors wouldn’t be able to push us during the classes. We were wrong. The size of the touchscreen (22” High Definition) makes us feel like we’re right in the class and like the instructors are talking to us. And sometimes they are. They can monitor each person’s metrics, and if they see we’re slacking, they’re not afraid to call us out!

Clear metrics are right in front of us

We’ve been in way too many spin classes where the instructor yells, “Turn the knob 2.5 times!” First of all, we can never figure out how many times we’ve actually turned the knob. And second, we’re probably going to cheat by only turning it 2 (small) times. The Peloton bike has precise metrics for distance, cadence, resistance, output (calculated based on cadence and resistance), calories burned, and heart rate – all of which are clearly visible at the bottom of the touchscreen. The instructors guide the rides by referring to cadence, resistance, or output numbers, so there’s no hiding whether we’re slacking off.

The classes also have a leaderboard that shows us how our ride compares to others. It ranks everyone by total output, which is based on our resistance and cadence numbers. We also receive medals as we hit certain achievements, such as personal records, milestone rides (e.g., 1st ride, 100th ride), 3 rides in 3 days, 7 rides in 7 days, and others. Get to 100 rides and you may be in for a surprise! (We don’t want to ruin it, but it’s a good one :-))

The instructors are motivating (and intimidating)

Peloton cares a lot about the talent they bring on board for instructors. The instructors all have great personalities, and they’re all unique. So depending on our day, we gravitate towards different instructors. If we want a no-nonsense workout that pushes us to the extreme, then it’s Robin Arzon. If we want a “you-do-you” workout that gets a sweat in while building you up, then it’s Cody Rigsby.

User interface keeps getting better

Similar to Wattson (meet Wattson, our Tesla Model S, in a post below), Peloton pushes over-the-air software updates to add features, ultimately improving the user experience. Since purchasing it 2 years ago, Peloton has implemented several user-interface overhauls to create a modern, clean look and added a number of sorting capabilities, so we can quickly search classes by instructor, class length, and class type. A recent (but minor) change we love is that the bike highlights the type of music played during each class. It identifies the title and artist at the start of each song, so if a song we love plays then we know the name and can download it later.

Workouts include more than just bike classes

The subscription gives us access to not only thousands of bike classes but also hundreds of other workouts, including stretches, yoga, and total body. We can take the classes using the bike’s touchscreen or access them through Peloton’s mobile app (which we also get free access to with our monthly subscription).

Get $100 off accessories!

You’ll get $100 off accessories, and we’ll get $100 off some swag at Peloton Boutique. We highly recommend at least buying the shoes and heart monitor from Peloton, so the $100 will come in handy. Our referral code (37CPMC) can only be used 12 times/year, so it’s also first come, first served. If you do end up getting one, let us know what you think! 

If you bought the bike, check out suggestions for other accessories below!

Essentials for your new Peloton bike

So you bought the bike? Congrats! Now what?

Peloton offers several packages with accessories to get you started. We definitely recommend buying the cycling shoes and heart rate monitor through Peloton, but you can get better deals on other accessories through other vendors. We’ve also bought some not-so-essential-but-fun-to-have accessories that make our cycling experience even better! Here are our top picks:

Peloton mat alternative at cheaper price


SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat:

A good floor mat is really important, regardless of whether you’re riding on a hard surface or carpet. For the former, it helps prevent damage to hardwood floors; for the latter, it prevents a bunch of sweat from soaking into your carpet. Peloton sells the bike mat for $59, but you can get one much cheaper elsewhere (like the floor mat we bought on Amazon).

Valeo Neoprene Hand Weights:

For the arms portions of the classes, you’ll need some 3- or 5-pound weights. Peloton sells weights for $25, but we bought some additional, heavier weights at a cheaper price online. Check them out here.

Schwinn Triple-Link Pedals:

We recommend you ride the Peloton bike with clip-in shoes for the best experience and workout; however, it’s a good idea to have toe cages/straps for house guests who may want to take the bike for a spin. The Schwinn Triple-Link Pedals replace the pedals that come with the Peloton bike. You can still clip in with your Peloton shoes, but you also have the option of adding toe cages/straps when others want to use it with regular shoes. Pretty awesome.

Jabra Elite 65t Wireless Earbuds:

The cost point on these earbuds are clearly a splurge item, but we’ve absolutely loved wearing these when we ride our bikes. We love having the freedom of movement that wireless earbuds offer, while not compromising the sound of music. These earbuds fit the bill.

Philips Hue Go Smart Light Table Lamp:

We almost didn’t buy our Peloton bikes because we thought we would miss the studio experience too much. After we bought them, we wanted to replicate the cycling studio as much as possible. We purchased a Philips Hue Go to use for our early-morning and late-evening rides. It really helps re-create the studio vibe and keeps us motivated to push through our ride!

Whether you splurge for all the extras or just get the bike, we think you’ll be thrilled. We hope to see you on the leaderboard soon!


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