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With all of life’s craziness, taking care of ourselves is always last on the list. Anything that makes doing so more convenient is a winner on our list.

Soothe is a recent discovery for us. For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s an on-demand massage service you can book through the company’s app or website. You can book most types of massages, including Swedish, deep tissue, and pre-natal, with times ranging from 60 to 120 minutes. The massage therapists come to your home, bringing all of the equipment they need (i.e., table, linens, oil). As long as you have about 6-ft squared of space, you too can have a massage in your own home. The cost is comparable with what you would expect to pay in a decent spa–$109 for 60 minutes, $159 for 90 minutes, and $205 for 120 minutes. Soothe also has 10-, 20-, and 40-hour packages that reduce the price point to below $100 per hour.

Here’s what we’ve loved so far:

Convenience of coming to you

Time is our most valuable resource, so anything that saves time scores big points. We love going to the spa, but the time needed to drive to the spa, park, check in, and change clothes, is time-intensive enough that we don’t go nearly as much as we’d like. With Soothe, we open our front door, and within 10 minutes we are on a massage table. After the massage, the therapist packs up and is out the door within 5 minutes.

Ease of booking and payment

With just a few clicks, your massage is booked. And you don’t need to book well-in-advance; Soothe says they can find a therapist with as little as an hour notice (we’ve never done that, but we usually book the night before!) Soothe handles everything on the other end by finding a therapist in our area who can provide our requested message, as well as ensuring the therapist shows up at our home at the requested time. After the massage, we pay and tip directly through the app, also a huge convenience. To this day, we still end up at spas where we have to tip therapists with cash, an all-around awkward process.

Peace of mind about who is showing up in our home

It’s hard to ever feel 100% safe when welcoming a stranger into our home, but Soothe takes steps to ensure that its therapists are qualified and safe. On its website, Soothe says that they meet every therapist in person, ensures that they are licensed and certified in their practice area, and verifies that they are insured by a reputable firm. Every therapist who has entered our home was punctual, professional, and personable.

Couple of caveats…

We went back and forth on whether to put Soothe up on the blog. We’ve had a great experience thus far. With that said, we also promised to keep it real with you and to caveat as appropriate:

  • While having a therapist come to us saves a ton of time, we recognize that the atmosphere of a spa puts us into a relaxing state of mind. Getting a massage in the area between our kitchen and dining room doesn’t quite have the same overall effect. We still think it’s well worth getting a massage in our own home, but we also think it’s valuable to still make the occasional trip to the spa.
  • Looking at Yelp reviews, other users have clearly had mixed experiences. It’s been easy for us to book massages–even at the last minute–and all of our therapists have been on time, qualified, and professional. Other Yelp reviewers said that they tried to book a massage, only to have someone not show up because Soothe couldn’t find a therapist. We live in a huge city with apparently no shortage of massage therapists, so this has never been an issue for us. Other reviewers have claimed that the therapists who showed up were unprofessional or that their massages were lackluster. Again, knock on wood, we’ve had great luck, but we understand that a mediocre massage is completely possible. One plus about Soothe is that once you find a massage therapist you like, you can book that same therapist in the future.

You get $20, we get $20

If you want to give Soothe a shot, you can use our referral code: IXEVB. You’ll get $20 in credit, and we’ll get $20 in credit. If you do try it, we hope you love it as much as we have so far!

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