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Full disclosure on this post: We founded this company. With that said, if we didn’t truly believe in the value that Storytime brings to parents and their children, we would’ve never started the company!

Storytime is an unlimited children’s book subscription service. After you join, Storytime sends four books to your doorstep that you can read and enjoy for as long as you’re a member. When you’re ready for new ones, send one or more books back, and Storytime will send more your way. Repeat as often as you’d like. It costs $39 per month and that covers all of the books and shipping. It’s basically a Rent the Runway, but for your kids’ books!

We truly believe Storytime is the best children’s book subscription service on the market. Here’s why we think Storytime is different (and better 😉) than other children’s book subscriptions out there.

Storytime lets parents pick topics that matter to them and their child

Life is complex and comes at your children fast. Children’s books are a great way to talk to your kids about tough issues and to help instill values that matter to you and your child. When you sign up for a Storytime subscription, you select the topics that are meaningful at that time in your child’s life:

  • First trip to the dentist? Storytime sends a children’s book to explain what a dentist visit is all about.
  • Have a loved one with memory loss? Storytime sends a book that introduces memory loss in a simple and understandable way.
  • Want to instill a since of Grit? Storytime sends books showing characters that continue to push through hard times.
  • Want just fun books to spur imagination and creativity? Yep, Storytime has books for that, too.

You have four slots to fill. You can select the same topic for all of them, a different topic for each, or just let Storytime pick for you! Storytime then sends you a highly-curated, high-quality book for each topic

Storytime’s list of topics is constantly growing and spans soft skills to hard skills and everything in between. Topics are currently organized by Values (e.g. kindness), Life Events (e.g. going to the dentist), Growing up (e.g. sharing), and Hard Skills (e.g. Counting). More to come!

A Storytime subscription provides excellent books about topics that are just-in-time for what’s happening in your child’s life.

Storytime is your infinite library that delivers to your doorstep

We love books, and we think it’s incredibly important that every child has a full bookshelf. We don’t, however, think every book needs to be kept forever. Sometimes you just need a book to get a particular point across or address a specific issue at that time. Storytime lets you keep books as long as you have an active membership, and you send them back whenever you’re ready for more.

Storytime is basically a ‘Rent-the-Runway’ for children’s books! You pick the topics, and Storytime delivers the best books for each topic directly to your door. Ship one or more back when you’re ready for more!

Does your child absolutely love one of the books and want to read it every night for the next two months? Totally fine, and we love that! Keep that one, send the other three back to Storytime to get three new books. You have four slots to fill and exchange as often or as little as you want. Not only does this offer flexibility and access to tons of books, it also keeps your shelves a little more tidy! 

Storytime searches far and wide to find the best children’s books

It’s so important to find stories with characters a child can connect with. It makes the message so much more meaningful and is something you can refer to for weeks to come when reinforcing topics with your child.

We’ve heard stories from parents about how they will sit in a bookstore for an entire afternoon, searching for good books to bring home. Or, they’ll scour blog site after blog site for hours on end. Storytime has reviewed (and is still reviewing!) thousands of books to find the best ones. You can feel confident that the best of the best books are being sent to your doorstep.

Give the gift of an infinite bookshelf

Storytime makes an incredible non-toy gift option. They will send a gift certificate to you or directly to the recipient at a time of your choosing.

Storytime offers -1, -3, -6, or -12 month gift memberships. Simply send an email to to request a gift membership!

Try it out!

We hope you or someone you know could benefit from Storytime! If you’re interested, you can sign up for a membership on Storytime’s homepage

We think you’ll agree that Storytime is the best children’s book subscription out there!

Have questions? Storytime would love to hear from you! Send your questions, feedback, or even a favorite book recommendation to!

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