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If you’ve read our blog, you know we love cooking Blue Apron meals for dinner. If you haven’t, check out our detailed Blue Apron review or our Blue Apron vs. Hello Fresh comparison . While we have dinners all set, we’ve been on the lookout for a great lunchtime meal subscription service until we finally came across “Thistle”.

Thistle is a newer company that delivers to the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Davis, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County. Thistle also ships across California and parts of Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. It seems like they’re expanding, so if they’re not in your area quite yet, keep checking! While we’ve primarily used Thistle for lunches, it also offers breakfast, dinner, and snack options. If you want to give it a try, you can use our Thistle referral code — BRAND601 — on the final checkout page for $50 off your first month of Thistle (and we’ll get $50 off, too!) Here’s what we’ve loved so far:


A delicious and healthy prepared meal from Thistle. A Thistle referral code for $30 off your first order is included in this post.
Carrying a delicious prepared meal from Thistle to work for lunch.

These are nutrient-packed meals. Thistle touts that these healthy meals provide more energy and a sharper mind, and we can’t agree more. Thistle pays attention to macronutrient ratios to deliver high-quality, healthy meals that aren’t high in calories. Breakfasts generally have 250-400 calories; lunches and dinners 400-550 calories; and snacks 300-400 calories. We didn’t start using Thistle for weight loss, but we’re definitely eating less calories at lunch while not feeling deprived.


Most Thistle meals we’ve tried are salads, and we’ve been really surprised with how full we are after eating. We don’t know about you, but when we usually eat a salad, we’re hungry within an hour. Now, we stay full for the rest of the day. It’s probably because of their philosophy: “Gluten-free, plant protein – We only use complex, low glycemic index carbs which contain fiber and micronutrients, and take longer to digest — as opposed to glutenous carbs. A day of Thistle’s plant-based plan contains an average of 60 g of plant protein. Plants and legumes can provide all 9 essential amino acids that we need to be healthy and happy human beings.” For those who aren’t quite ready for the all-plant diet, don’t worry, Thistle also has meals with meat protein.

The size of each meal is also pretty substantial, encouraging us to slow down while eating and filling us up even more (which is good because we often stuff our faces because of stress and this makes the experience last longer!).


The meals have a ton of different flavors. All of the flavors complement each other but are separated in the container, letting us experiment with different combinations of foods and sauces. This also slows us down and helps us really enjoy our lunches, changing the flavor profile over the course of the meal.

Post Perks!

Try Thistle using our referral code — BRAND601 — to get $50 off your first month (enter code on final checkout page), and we’ll get $50 off, too!


Because we’re in the local delivery zone, after picking how many meals we want delivered each week, we can mix and match from any of the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options. While we’ve primarily used Thistle for lunch, it’s been nice to have the flexibility to switch things up by occasionally throwing in a breakfast option. They also have interesting add-ons like juices, desserts, or even an egg or avocado to help achieve different dietary goals. For those not in the local delivery zone, there’s a preset plan of 6 meals per week. As with most meal subscription services, we can also pause or cancel at any time.


For those in the local delivery zone, Thistle delivers the meals on ice in reusable bags. We leave the empty bag on the doorstep, and Thistle picks it up when dropping off our next meal. Thistle focuses on limiting waste by providing all by-products from their foods to local farmers for composting.

Try It and get $50 off Thistle!

You can choose anywhere from 2 meals a week to enough meals and snacks to fill all of the meals you’d need for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the entire week. The latter gets quite costly though! The more meals you buy, the lower the cost per meal, of course. For 2 meals per week, it currently costs $14.99/meal for meals with plant protein or $17.24/meal for meals with meat protein to as low as $11.50/meal and $13.75/meal, respectively.

If you’re interested in trying it out, use our Thistle referral code — BRAND601 — you won’t regret it! Simply use our Thistle referral code — BRAND601 — to get $50 off your first month of Thistle (and we get $50 off, too!). It won’t be obvious that the coupon worked by clicking the link as your $50 coupon code BRAND601 can only be applied on the final page of checkout. Enjoy!

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