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Shopping for clothes is such a painful experience. Fighting traffic; navigating crowds; searching racks and racks of clothes yet never finding the right size or style. Luckily for us, a co-worker referred us to Trunk Club. It was such a peaceful, efficient experience, and the first time we enjoyed shopping for clothes in a long time. Here’s a quick, personal review of why we love Trunk Club:

Shop with an adult beverage at a clubhouse

In a few cities, Trunk Club has clubhouses where you can go in person to try on and pick out clothes. You just have to make an appointment to meet with a stylist. In the Los Angeles clubhouse, we check in with someone at the front desk who escorts us to a comfy couch and offers us a beer or a glass of wine. After a short wait, our stylist greets us and takes us back to another comfy couch, with a couple of dressing rooms nearby. She asks what type of clothes we are interested in and then disappears for ten minutes, bringing back racks filled with clothes.

We spend one to two hours trying on different clothes, never feeling rushed at all. After trying everything on, we pick the clothes we like and leave what we don’t. We continue to sip on our wine while our stylist charges the clothes to our on-file credit card, packs everything for us, and emails us a receipt all while we never leave our couch (or the wine!). If the clothes don’t fit perfectly, we leave it behind for free tailoring and they ship it to our home afterwards. It’s such a relaxing, stress-free experience. The hardest part is not being able to buy everything we want!

Unfortunately, clubhouses are located in only a few cities right now, including Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and Chicago. But don’t worry, you can still enjoy Trunk Club by getting a trunk of clothes mailed directly to your home. Read on.

…Or get and return trunks from your doorstep

If you don’t have a clubhouse nearby, or don’t have time to go shopping, it’s super easy to have a stylist send a ‘trunk’ (aka fancy box) of clothes. After answering some questions about your style and preferred clothing brands, the stylist pulls together a trunk. You specify what you want in your box, such as work or weekend wear, and your stylist goes to work on your behalf. Before sending the trunk, the stylist sends a preview to you, at which time you can nix any items you’re not feeling or provide more direction to your stylist.

A few days later, a trunk appears on your doorstep. At that point, you just try on the clothes, keep what you like, and mail back the rest (Note: You pay a $25 styling fee, but it’s credited towards any clothes you buy.). Once you notify your stylist that you’re ready to send back a trunk, they’ll schedule a time for UPS to pick up the trunk off your doorstep. It’s that easy.

A real, human stylist to match your style and budget

We’ve had great luck with having trunks sent to our home. Our stylist stays the same between boxes, and she has really come to understand our style and cost preferences over time. When we’ve needed something in particular—like new shoes for work, a startup-style suit and pants outfit, options for vacationing in Mexico, or any other crazy request—we simply send a text to our stylist, and she goes to work finding the perfect outfits. It has saved us so much time, and we like our closet so much more than before.

Keeping it honest: Our only critique of Trunk Club is that the clothes are pretty expensive, particularly when shopping in the clubhouse. Trunk Club is pretty transparent about that on their website, acknowledging that you should expect to pay high-end department store prices, generally ranging from $100-$300 per item. In our experience, men’s clothing items are more commonly around $100, but it’s easy for women to spend at least $200 on a blouse. We’ve found that Trunk Club can be more accommodating of your budget when you have a trunk sent to your home because the stylist has more options to choose from their warehouse. Plus, when you preview the trunk, you can ask that overly-expensive items be removed.

Advice doesn’t stop after buying clothes

Aside from buying clothes, Trunk Club has a few other nice features that we enjoy. First, pictures of all the clothes you buy are stored in a virtual wardrobe that you can see in the Trunk Club app or your website account. You can also upload pictures of other clothes to your virtual wardrobe and then ask your stylist to put together virtual outfits to see how he or she would piece items together. Finally, in our experience, our stylists are super responsive and open to giving random style advice. On a few occasions, we wondered whether a particular shirt went with a pair of pants and felt totally comfortable sending our stylist a quick text via the app, which she always responds to quickly.

Try it out!

Want Trunk Club to help add to your wardrobe? Try it out! If you are interested, we’d love you to use our referral link: That’ll connect you with our stylist (she’s awesome!). If you use our link, you’ll get a $50 credit to use and we’ll get a credit on our next trunk, too! If you try it out, let us know what you think!

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