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We love having a clean car but hate wasting time at the car wash. Sure, we could run our car through a quick, automatic wash in 5 minutes, but there’s the risk of damaged rims from the tracks, scratched paint from the brushes, and water spots. To get a truly clean car, we need someone to physically clean the car. After wasting hours at the car wash, we found Washos, a company that sends detailers to our home to clean our car (and the cars of many others in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas!). The detailers arrive with all of the equipment they need. All we have to do is open our garage door to let them in. Here’s what we love:

Full menu of car washes (plus more!) at reasonable prices

Two things really impressed us about Washos: (1) Pretty much any wash we could want is available. (2) The pricing is very reasonable. Washo’s menu of car wash options ranges from a basic exterior wash with interior vacuum and wipe down all the way to a show car-level wash with wash, wax, and clay bar treatment. There are also a number of add-on services, such as removing pet hair, cleaning baby car seats, and restoring headlights. Washos has both an eco-friendly, waterless option, allowing them to wash the car anywhere, or a water-based option if you provide them with access to a water supply. 

We were really sold on Washos when we saw the price. The basic wash with interior vacuum and wipe down is $33. That’s comparable to what we would pay if we drove the car to a car wash and waited waited for an hour. So, we are paying basically the same price but getting to stay in the comfort of our home. 

Easy to schedule a wash in the app

It’s easy to set up an account and schedule a wash in the Washos app (available in iOS and Google play). Simply put in your address and some basic information about your car, and you’re ready to book your first wash. After choosing the type of wash, select a preferred day and time (they often have same-day appointments available!). Washos confirms your appointment and tells you when your detailer will arrive.

Book your favorite detailer

Finding someone to wash our car is kind of like finding some one to cut our hair. Once we find that person, we never want to let him or her go. Washos lets us book our favorite detailer over and over again, so once we feel comfortable with someone, we can continue to have him or her clean our car.

Give it a try

Post Perks! 

Here’s the big caveat: Washos currently only serves the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. If you live in these areas and want try it, use our Washos referral code to get $5 off, and we’ll get a credit towards our next wash! 

If you’re not located in Los Angeles or Orange County, there are likely local options available to you. We highly encourage you to check them out and enjoy the convenience and time-saving of getting your car washed at home. Feel free to add the names of those businesses and the areas they serve to our comments section. The other readers will appreciate it!

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